Computer Upgrades

Suffolk Computer Repairs offers a wide range of computer upgrade Ipswich. We know how frustrating it is when your computer is out of action, and especially when its going slow. Are you bored of waiting for every day tasks? Then speak to one of our expert technicians about how we can help you get your computer back up to speed.


So give us a ring on 01473 456789 and we will try and fix your computer over the phone. If not we will book you in for a free consultation with a member of our dedicated repair team. Alternatively you can use Suffolk Computer Repairs Collect, Repair & Return Service.


Computer upgrades can vary from different brand and model.

We have listed the most common parts below


- Memory upgrades (RAM)

- Processor upgrades (CPU)

- Graphics Card upgrades (GPU)

- Hard disk upgrades (HDD)

- Operating system upgrades

- CD/DVD/Blu-ray upgrades


All these prices are including installations whilst you wait. Other upgrades (for example motherboards) can take longer. Please contact us for more information.


* In most cases these services can be done while you wait.

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