Cleaning & Diagnostics

Suffolk Computer Repairs offers a wide range of computer cleaning Ipswich and computer diagnostics Ipswich. We know how frustrating it is when your computer is out of action, and especially when its going slow.

A deep internal clean can speed up your system and we can also run a full diagnostics health check to make your computer work as good as new.


So give us a ring on 01473 456789 and we will try and fix your computer over the phone. If not we will book you in for a free consultation with a member of our dedicated repair team. Alternatively you can use Suffolk Computer Repairs Collect, Repair & Return Service.


Computer cleaning & computer diagnostic health check.


- Desktop Internal spring clean


- Laptop Internal spring clean


- Computer health-check



* Prices excluding parts & software and can vary depending on each individuals circumstances.

Prices shown are per hour. 80% of repairs are completed within 1 hours labour.

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